Calendar Update – 2011-4-3

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Chinese school plan to have this semester’s graduation ceremony located at Oregon Ridge park on 5/15. Because the availability of Oregon Ridge park, Chinese school will end one week earlier than the previous schedule. In order to make up the hours, we will start having extra 30 minutes (2:10 to 4:30) for the remaining sessions of the semester.

中文學校這學期將使用Oregon Ridge Park來舉辦畢業及學期結業典禮。因為場地安排的緣故,中文學校將提早一週結束。為補足上課時間,我們將從下週起,每週多上三十分鐘課程,從兩點十分到四點三十結束。

4/3/2011 Classes (2:10 to 4:30)
4/10/2011 Classes(2:10 to 4:30) 上課
4/17/2011 No Classes. Spring Break 停課,春假
4/24/2011 No Classes. Spring Break 停課,春假
5/1/2011 Classes(2:10 to 4:30) 上課
5/8/2011 Classes. Final Exam. (2:10 to 4:30) (teacher’s meeting) 上課,期末考試,教師會議
5/15/2011 End of School Year Result Sharing 學期結束, 成果展