2012 Fall Semester

Do you want to learn Chinese and know more of Chinese culture? Chinese Language School of Baltimore provides Chinese classes for K to 9th grade on Sundays during school semesters from 2 to 4 PM. Curriculum includes grade books with both simplified and traditional mandarin, workbooks, music CD and E-Pen. Registration and the first day of 2011 spring semester will be on Sunday, September 9, 2012.

想學中文及認識中國文化嗎?巴城中文學校每週日下午二到四點提供幼稚班到九年級的中文教學。教材包括中文繁體/簡體課本, 習作, 音樂CD和電腦輔具教學E-Pen。2012年秋季學期班將於九月九日註冊及開學。

地點: Loch Raven高中

Location: Loch Raven High School

1212 Cowpens Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21286

學費: $175一學期

Tuition: $175/semester