About Us | 簡介


In the near future, Chinese will surely become a more important language for communication in our modern world, such that the ability y to speak both Chinese and English will be extremely valuable. It is our belief that through teaching Chinese, we can prepare our students for the future by teaching them communication skills, as well as cross-cultural understanding. Thus, the Chinese Language School of Baltimore aims to provide a nurturing, supportive environment for children to learn Chinese language and culture, knowledge that will undoubtedly aid them in our global society.



To encourage and guide the study of the traditional Chinese language and culture among Chinese children, as well as individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities. To empower students with the communication skills necessary in today’s global society.



The Chinese Language School of Baltimore was founded in 1971 as a non-profit organization. The school was previously located at Towson University and Loch Raven High School. We have since moved to our new location at 224 Schilling Circle, Suite 1888, Hunt Valley, MD. We are parents, teachers, scholars, professionals, and volunteers who have come together to offer classes to people interested in studying Chinese language and culture.

巴城中文學校成立於1971年,由一群家長、教師、學者、專家及許多對於發揚中文及中國文化有志一同的志工組成。是為一非盈利性質組織。先後曾於 Towson University以及 Loch Raven High School 辦學。今年則移至 224 Schilling Circle, Suite 1888, Hunt Valley, MD。

VALUES / 價值觀

The graduates of the Chinese Language School of Baltimore are outstanding individuals- many of whom go on to make meaningful contributions to Chinese society. We approach Chinese language education with an emphasis on honesty and cooperation, with the common goal of seeing our students succeed.


JOIN US / 加入

The Chinese Language School of Baltimore is open to the public. We currently have about 20 students enrolled. Our classes are held every Sunday from 2-4 pm at the following address: 224 Schilling Circle, Suite 1888, Hunt Valley MD 21031